Are You Tired Of Constantly Adjusting Your Men?
Practice More.....Reach Less



Fits TORNADO and many European tables with 15.9 mm Rod

Forward Shooting: Position the men on the goalie rods and snap the ROD-LOCK in place as shown. Forward Practice. Shift the Goalie men into different standard positions to practice your shot.One ROD LOCK for super hold. Try and maintain one ROD-LOCK on the 5 bar. Practice passing, then scoring. This will give you more of a game FEEL. It will show you your weakest spots first.

Goalie Wars: Lift the five bars and three bars and snap down the ROD-LOCK on as shown.

Five Bar Passing: Position the five bar for wall or lane passing and snap down the ROD-LOCK onto the defensive five bar as shown. One ROD-LOCK on one side of the table up against the outside wall. This is easy. I let one ROD-LOCK hang. This gives a rebound effect if you hit the man. The Locks swings and will either deflect the ball or kick it back . The opposing 5 rod can be pointed forward, straight down or back. The Defensive man will give you a different angle you must pass through to catch the ball on your 3 rod. Again, 10 passes @ XX% before you move on. Also, If you want to put two ROD-LOCKS on the five bar. This will hold the rod stiff and really gives you a more steady performance. I also lock down the opposing goalie rods. This will help keep out the ball when you miss your pass Or when you practice your 5 BAR shot!

Two Bar Passing: Lock the your Forward three bar in place by using one ROD-LOCK hanging down. With the lock hanging, it will give you "cushion". In this drill it is important to recognize how hard or soft you want to make the pass. Practice passing from the goalie area to the forward's three bar. With 3 Locks you can practice with out adjusting almost all the men.

Hard to put ON? Hard to take OFF?

Snap down one side of the ROD-LOCK at a time instead of trying to put both sides on evenly.

Twist the ROD-LOCK from the center towards you to remove

Take and warm the Lock up. Soften by HOT water or microwave it for 5 to 10 seconds.

NOT ANY LONGER! Don't blame me if you melt the lock...



Clean off the rod where the ROD-LOCK goes if the ROD-LOCK is slipping.